Snoozing Dragonflies

Looking like an Art Nouveau work by RenĂ© Lalique or by L. C. Tiffany, the first dragonfly’s metallic blue wings bring to mind icy coolness.

One of several of this color who posed nicely during a photography outing in Singapore, I believe he is a Rhyothemis triangularis, which is also known as a Sapphire Flutterer. 

The second dragonfly's wings bring to mind warmth & fire.

Loved the lacy pattern on its wings & the dramatic red & gold color combo.

There were far more of these red & gold dragonflies than there were of the blue version, but both were snoozing the night away in the same location. 

Think the second might be a Neurothemis fluctuans -- aka Common Parasol -- but welcome correction or confirmation.

It was spectacular sight to see so many dragonflies snoozing in the same area.

Singapore. Photos taken of wild critters where I find them. No posing, pestering, or baiting, & aiming to leave no trace. Corrections welcome to my critter IDs. Olympus EM1 Mark II, M.Zuiko ED 60mm f2.8 Macro, Fenix Headlamp & Focusing Lights, Godox TT350o Flash. DIY Diffuser. Handheld.